[150 Pack – 12 oz.] Coffee Cups – Disposable White Paper Hot Cups for Hot Drinks



Product Description

coffee cups white paper disposable hotcoffee cups white paper disposable hot

Enjoy your favorite beverages in a non-wasteful manner with these medium-sized paper cups; ideal for a small Cappuccino, double Espresso, Macchiato or tea.
The cups clean pure and simple aesthetics make them suitable for use in the office, home or food service. This size is perfect for office use when you just want to grab a quick cup of coffee.
The Cups’ inner poly lining serves as a moisture barrier, ensuring no leaking occurs, and the cups smooth rolled rim makes for a comfortable sipping experience.
Whatever your drink of choice may be, when choosing DOBI’s white paper cups you can rest assured to enjoy your drink in a convenient, hassle-free manner.

espresso pour coffee machine brewespresso pour coffee machine brew

The Coffee Shop Experience

You know nothing beats a steaming hot cup o’ joe made just the way you like it! But, alas, the barista just got your order wrong again! When it comes to hot drinks, every one of us has a special ritual. However you like your coffee; be it good old fashion drip, instant, K-cup or Espresso, DOBI is here to make your life just a little bit easier with cups that are both economical and ideally suited for your preferred drink.

black drip coffee pour disposable white paper cupblack drip coffee pour disposable white paper cup

Freshly brew your favorite roast and start enjoying

Coffee is best when made just the way you like it!

Cup Size

4 oz.

8 oz.

12 oz.

Pack Size

200 Count

200 Count

150 Count

coffee grind beanscoffee grind beans

BULK PACKAGE – Total of 150 cups are included, enough to serve your coffee needs for a long time.
IDEALLY SIZED – Treat yourself to the perfectly sized cup to accentuate the tastes and aromas of your favorite roasts. You deserve a perfect sip every time!
LEAK PROOF – Cups are poly coated, eliminating any chances of leaks and ensuring your cup stays dry and moisture free.
CLEAN SLEEK LOOK – Strong sidewalls in pure white simple elegance true to the cup style of specialty artisan coffee roasters complemented by a smooth rolled rim to provide rigidity.
NO CLEANUP! – Just throw away once finished; Perfect for office use or when in a rush in the morning!


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