24V/12V Car Universal Travel Electric Vacuum Thermos, Car Heating Mug with Lid Closing Heating, Leakproof, Portable Coffee Tea Cup 0℃~100℃ Variable Temperature Control Kettle with TDS Detection, 304



Product Description

Smart Car Heating CupSmart Car Heating Cup

Intelligent Heating Vacuum Cup – Ingenuity Giant System, Warm Heart Accompanying!

Smart Electric Travel CupSmart Electric Travel Cup

5 Invention Patents

Super Long Standby Time

Sealed and heated, drip-proof!

The temperature can be adjusted at will from 0℃ ~ 100℃

Built-in rechargeable battery, can display water temperature in real time

Vacuum insulation, 8 hours long heat preservation

Can detect TDS value in water with one key

Food grade 304 stainless steel cup

12V~28V wide voltage design, large trucks/cars can be used normally

Waterproof design, you can rinse the cup body with water briefly, but do not put it in water


When the heating temperature exceeds 50 ℃, it cannot be inverted immediately. Because the air pressure in the cup is higher than the outside during heating, the pressure relief valve is open, and water will flow out of the air pressure hole when it is inverted directly,please to avoid burns.

3 Years Of R & D and Manufacturing

8 Original Functions

The 2021 new version smart car heating vacuum cup, which can be carried with you, is an essential item for your travel!

LCD Colorful touch screen,give you a colorful temperature

Double water temperature reminder, the color of the screen changes as the water temperature changes

The Temperature You Need Can Be Obtained with One Click.

Using capacitive touch buttons, matching the silky acrylic panel, and accompanied by high-decibel buzzer sound touch feedback, tap one button to boil water, adjust the temperature as you like, 6 fast modes, smart to match different needs.

High-quality craftsmanship, high-quality materials, stylish design, the best gift for your lover and friend!

portable car heating mug

portable car heating mug

Mini vacuum flask

Mini vacuum flask

Car heating cup

Car heating cup

Multiple high-quality manufacturing

Using intelligent sensitive temperature sensor, small error.
Advanced heating technology can quickly complete heating
Dual-use, can be used in the car or at home (use at home requires a separate household power supply)

Integrated cup bottom design

Hidden standard DC5525 power interface, universal power adapter for most laptops, suitable for cup holders of most car models

Patented pressure relief cover design

It can be sealed and heated completely, no need to worry about water leak

smart cup

smart cup

temp control mug

temp control mug

Stainless steel vacuum flask

Stainless steel vacuum flask

mini portable cup

mini portable cup

Sealed Leak-proof

304 stainless steel cover core

EUstandard silicone seal

Food grade PP

No plastic smell

Microporous Filter

304 stainless steel tea strainer

Precision filtration

Drink tea without residue

Electrolysis Liner

304 stainless steel liner

316 stainless steel sensor

Electrolytic polishing liner

Insulation lasts longer

Round Cup Mouth

304 stainless steel housing

Isometric silent thread

Twisting smoothly

12V/24V car heating cup12V/24V car heating cup


Our new on-board heating cup lasted 3 years of research and development and design, obtained a number of patents, suitable for all 12V/24V car models.

Vehicle heat cupVehicle heat cup

【Portable Electric Car Travel Vacuum Thermos】- Smart touch control panel, the color of the LCD panel changes with the temperature changes. You can set any degree from common temp to 100℃. Easy to use, add coffee or other drinking into mug and use “+” or “- ” button to set temperature, then press “set” button to start heating.
【 Material Safe 】 – BPA free! Double-layer stainless steel vacuum insulated cup body and Baby food grade PP. Heated to 100℃, the water temperature in the insulated cup will still be 50℃ after 6 hours. Built-in battery, standby time over 30 days, real-time detection of water temperature, TDS value at any time. The capacity is 380mL, it is easy to use on working, school, office, business, travel, camping, cooking coffee, cooking eggs and baby milk making.
【 Multifunctional Intelligent Thermos Flask 】 – Sensitive temperature monitoring, display, control, all can be controlled arbitrary. The tea mug with sensitive temperature sensor and TDS detection function(Can detect the total content of soluble solids in the liquid), LCD temperature display and heating, insulation touch control keys, allow you to know the liquid temperature of the cup any time, anywhere, The cup liquid temperature can be adjusted and maintained according to personal preference.
【Widely Used Car Heating Cup】 -Ultra-wide working voltage: DC12V~28V can be used, can be used in various cars, buses, trucks, automatically adapt, and there are 24W/48W/72W/96W adjustable, only a few old car models need to be adjusted. On-demand selection and intelligent conversion, our car electric coffee cup equipped with dry burn prevention device-can proof the dry-fire and heating up without water, allow you to use safety and worry-free.
【 Innovative Sealed Heating Cup 】 – 360 degree inverted without water leakage, can be heated in a sealed state. IP57 waterproof and dustproof design, can wash the cup body in a short time. If there is water in the power interface, please wipe it dry before powering it on. 12-month warranty and friendly after-sales support, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will reply within 24 hours!


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