ACOOME Tea or Coffee Cups-6.8oz Bone China White and Red Rose Formal Vintage Teacup and Saucer Boxed Set



ACOOME tea cups make life even more comfortable .Family use or gifts for relatives and friends are preferred

Bright afternoon, a cup of fragrant tea or coffee, taste the charm of life, enjoy the moment, just because of you.

Simple living room,put a set of high-end teacup,make your living room simple but not simple.

Product description

Material:Bone China


Volume:6.8 oz

Package included:1 x cup, 1 x saucer,1 x spoon

Size:Cup( Calibre: 4in Height: 2.2in ), Saucer ( Wide:6in ).

Warm prompt: Because of measurement method and other reason,there will be about 2mm error ,please the actual size shall prevail.

Bone china maintenance:

✓Use the dishwasher to choose a “porcelain and crystal type” washing function of the dishwasher.

✓With gold and platinum edges. Decorative porcelain should not be placed in a microwave oven heating.

✓PH value of lotion should be between 11-11.5, wash with water, water temperature not more than 80 ℃.

✓Do not immerse the hot cup directly in cold water, so as not to change the temperature rapidly damaged porcelain.

✓Avoid taking out from the refrigerator, the temperature difference is too large and easy to crack.

✓If you have tea stains, lemon juice or vinegar can be used to clean.

✔European style design,hand-painted gold edging made of imported 24K gold paste on cup edge and cup handle.
✔Hand-made cup.Compared with traditional porcelain, bone china has good insulation properties.Dishwasher Safe but not safe in Microwave.
✔This ceramic teacup is made from top-grade bone china porcelain clay. The body of the embryo is thin and translucent, and the glazed surface is smooth,clear and simple.
✔Suitable for all kinds of comfortable romantic occasion,family,friends,tea or coffee party,Perfect gift presented to relatives and friends.
✔Environmental porcelain:bone china lead-free products. As it is the basic guarantee of European and American society, it is in line with Europe and the United States in terms of product quality.


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