Cafés Granell Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee Whole Beans, 100grams (3.5oz)



CAFE GRANELL EXOTIC COLLECTION KOPI LUWAK COFFEE BEANS ARE TIDAK BIASA DAN LEZAT!* * that’s Indonesian for unusual and delicious! Kopi Luwak, also known as Civet Coffee, first came into existence in Indonesia during the early 18th Century when the Dutch forbade the natives from picking coffee fruits for their own use. The natives noticed that the Wild Asian Palm Civets ate the coffee fruits, leaving the coffee seeds behind in their droppings. The Indonesian people began to collect the seeds, cleaned and roasted them, and then ground them into a coffee beverage. The drink was so delicious that it even became a favorite of the Dutch plantation owners. What makes Cafe Granell 100% Genuine Organic Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans so special? When it comes to the coffee cherries, the civet is very discriminating. In a process known as ”natural selection,” the wild cat chooses only the best and ripest berries it can find. The civet’s natural digestive process breaks down the proteins that give coffee a bitter taste, so the seeds that remain produce coffee that has a smooth texture and a rich nutty flavor The coffee beans are washed and dried, pounded to remove the skin, and then roasted to perfection at the facility in Valencia, Spain. The process ensures that the coffee beans you purchase are clean of impurities. The cultivation process produces limited quantities of these fine coffee beans, making Kopi Luwak one of the most unusual and exclusive coffees in the entire world. Cafe Granell makes these unique beans available in a 100-gram canister (3.5 ounce) that keeps the product fresh and aromatic. Cafe Granell 100% Genuine Organic Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans make a great gift for the coffee connoisseur in your life. Treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind coffee experience. Try a canister of Cafe Granell Genuine Kopu Luwak Coffee Beans today.

SOURCED FROM PLANTATIONS IN SUMATRA – Wild Asian Palm Civets roam freely in the highlands of Indonesia, selecting the choicest coffee cherries for their personal consumption. All beans are sustainably harvested. NO ANIMAL HAS BEEN HARMED, ABUSED OR EXPLOITED IN ANY WAY IN THE PRODUCTION OF THIS COFFEE.
SMOOTH TEXTURE, RICH TASTE – The civet’s digestive system breaks down the proteins that give coffee a bitter taste. The result? Coffee that is smooth, earthy, and nutty – a superbly aromatic, highly satisfying cup of java.
THE PERFECT COFFEE LOVER GIFT – Perfect for coffee connoisseurs, adventurous foodies, or the person who has everything.
OVER 75 YEARS OF QUALITY – Cafe Granell has been family owned and operated in Valencia, Spain since 1940. Offering the finest coffees for three generations.


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