Cambio Roasters Single Serve Coffee Pods Variety Pack Sampler, 8 Count



Bold Taste, Less Waste … Your New Favorite Coffee Pods
They’re bold, they’re delicious, they’re recyclable, they love to help and they always ship free.

Get a taste of all seven Cambio blends! From light roasts to dark, decaf to flavored blends, you’ll find something for everyone with a Cambio coffee pod variety pack.

We started Cambio Roasters from our kitchen with a big dream, a generous spirit and a clear vision of our future – to offer delicious, high-quality coffee pods that are good for our customers, our planet and our farmers.

People love their coffee pods but, as a result, more than 30 million pods end up in landfills every day. Cambio coffee pods are 100% recyclable so that all of our packaging can go on to have another life.

While coffee farmers struggle to have enough food to feed their families, most coffee companies aren’t designed to help their farmers thrive. In fact, thousands of coffee farmers experience food shortages throughout half the year. That’s why we donate 20% of our profits to help sustain coffee farming practices and livelihoods of our farmers during the off-season

SMALL-BATCH ROASTED: Small batch roasting creates premium consistency and quality; Provides a fresh, bold taste that’s second to none. Our pods are compatible with all Keurig K-Cup brewers.
ECO FRIENDLY: 100% Recyclable. Good coffee that’s good for the environment. Help us keep over 30 million pods per day out of our landfills
GIVING BACK: 20% of all Cambio Roasters profits are given back to support coffee farming families
OUR STORY:  Our goal is to offer customers their new favorite coffee pod, that is affordable and also gives back to coffee farming communities


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