Cameron’s Coffee Single Serve Pods, Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend, 12 Count (Pack of 6)



We’ve made a better single serve, taste the difference for yourself! Convenience of a single serve machine doesn’t mean sacrificing on quality. We’re dedicated to crafting the perfect coffee for you to brew at home. As always, Cameron’s EcoPods use 100% specialty grade coffee brewed through a real coffee filter, not a plastic cup, to deliver a superior taste experience. We constantly invest in new technologies—whether that’s in our blends, on the farm, in our plant, or even how your coffee is packaged for you to take home. Thankfully, the caffeine at Cameron’s keeps our creative juices going! Cameron’s Social Responsibility ensures that your coffee is both delicious and fairly sourced.

RICH AND FLAVORFUL: The Blue Mountains are known for their exclusive coffee. You’ll go crazy for this coffee’s complex flavor and delicate spiciness.
THE FUTURE OF COFFEE: We’re proud to be one of the few North American coffee manufacturers with imported single serve technology from Bologna, Italy.
BETTER FOR THE EARTH: Cameron’s pods use a real coffee filter, not a plastic cup. Certified compostable in industrial compositing facilities. Check locally as these facilities do not exist in many communities.
WORKS AT HOME OR THE OFFICE: Compatible with Keurig 2.0 for a great coffee experience. If you enjoy pods from The Original Donut Shop, Dunkin’ Donuts, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, or Starbucks – try Cameron’s Coffee pods.


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