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12 Ounce Bagof freshly roasted and Flavored Caramel Cream whole bean coffee by Good As Gold Coffee Roasters.

Enjoy life… One cup at a time!

There’s a lot to be said for experience- especially when it comes to roasting coffee.

At Good As Gold, we’ve been a family-run business since the 1960s. Ever mindful of our founding mission – namely, to provide delicious, high-quality coffee at a great value – we’ve continually refined our techniques and processes over the years.

For our customers, that means coffee that’s always immensely satisfying, with wonderfully rich flavor and taste. Our choice selection of beans is grown around the world by farmers who utilize sustainable farming practices to help reserve the earth’s natural resources.

The secret to our exquisite coffee? Proprietary advanced air-roasting technology. Given its ability to produce the most evenly-roasted beans without burning or scorching – surpassing even conventional air roasting in its roasting precision – our technology enables us to achieve the brightest and cleanest flavor notes possible.

So slow down and enjoy life… one cup at a time.

FLAVOR PROFILE: We use a special medium roast blend of freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans infused with the flavors of a rich caramel and smooth cream finish.
ITS ALL ABOUT THE BEANS: All of our coffee beans are specialty grade coffee beans.
AIR ROASTED TO PERFECTION: Our custom built advanced Air Roaster produces coffee that is brighter in flavor and cleaner than traditional roasting methods.
A FAMILY BUSINESS OF 50 YEARS: Good As Gold Coffee Roasters is a family business that has been providing delicious, high-quality coffee at a great value for over 50 years!


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