Colombia Supremo Coffee, Fair Trade, Ground, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce



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Colombian Supremo Coffee, Fair Trade, Ground, 16-ounce

Single origin coffees, craft coffee, gourmet coffeeSingle origin coffees, craft coffee, gourmet coffee

Volcanica Coffee is a specialty importer of exotic gourmet coffee beans that possess truly remarkable taste. We are committed to offering only the finest quality coffee from volcanic regions around the world.

Since our humble beginnings starting in our garage, we have expanded into a large warehouse and roasting facility. We now carry over 130 coffees including single origin estate, peaberry, decaf and flavored coffees.

Volcanica gourmet coffee beansVolcanica gourmet coffee beans

Colombian Supremo Organic CoffeeColombian Supremo Organic Coffee

Colombian Supremo Coffee

Colombian Coffee Supremo Beans are grown high in the Colombian Andes and is famous for its smooth pleasant acidity, smooth finish, nutty overtones and rich medium to full body. Colombia Coffee are the world’s second largest producer of coffee and is famous for consistently producing fine gourmet coffees.

Single Origin from the Colombian Andeano Estate and is Fair Trade Certified and Certified Shade Grown.

CUP NOTES: Smooth body, medium acidity

FLAVOR NOTES: Sweet, Fruit tones Floral and fruit aroma

ALTITUDE: 1,650 – 1,800 meters

SOIL TYPE: Volcanic ash



Gourmet coffee beans

Gourmet coffee beans

Gourmet Coffees

Gourmet Coffees

Single origin coffee

Single origin coffee

Freshly Roasted

Roasted in our own state-of-the-art roasting facility in Atlanta, Georgia

Volcanic Beans

Grown in mineral-rich volcanic earth, strengthened in cool climate, and immersed in high elevation moisture

Certified Selections

We offer a selection of organically grown, Rainforest Alliance Certified and Fair-Trade Certified coffee.

Nicaragua coffee beansNicaragua coffee beans

Single Origin from the Colombia Andeano Estate, Fair Trade Certified Rainforest Alliance Certified and Shade Grown to help the people and the earth
Medium roasted ground coffee allowing the true flavor characteristic to come through for a remarkable taste.
Fresh roasted then immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness.
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


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