DeeCoo Double Wall Cappuccino Glass Mugs 9.5oz, Clear Coffee Mug Set of 4 Espresso Mug Cups,Double Wall Insulated Glass Mug with Handles (Latte Glasses,Tea)



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Tips (Must Read):

1.This product is a creative heat-insulating glass made by hand & blowing, and the production process is very difficult and complicated. Because the cup itself is very light and made of glass, don’t be too rude when using it.Take extra caution when washing, do not heavily scrub the seal at the cup bottom to prevent damages to the air seal.We recommend not to use the dishwasher to clean , because the cups may be damaged with low probability.

2.Please confirm the size before placing the order.


It’s a beautiful thing when form, function and durability come together in a kitchenware product you will be proud to own. Expect nothing less from DeeCoo. These modern and elegant double-walled coffee and tea mugs offer both utility and aesthetic pleasure. So enjoy your favorite beverages as hot or cold as you like while drinking in the pleasing optical illusion of the liquids floating in air in your cup. Hold them without the handle, they will stay room temperature to the touch. And there is little to no condensation on the exterior of the mugs, so you won’t have to worry about mess or damage to tabletops. Made of tough, hand-blown borosilicate glass, these attractive vessels are made virtually without defects, unlike many imitators. They are fine in the microwave so they don’t demand special treatment. So don’t settle for ordinary mugs, dazzle your friends with these beautiful coffee and tea mugs!


Double Walled 9.5 fl. oz. Coffee Mug Set

A set of 4 double walled coffee mugs that is independently tested by third party laboratory for temperatures up to 300F and down to -4F.

Made with borosilicate glass to have more resistance to thermal shock than common glass.

Double walled designed enable the insulate effect that keep your beverage at the ideal temperature.

Mug capacity is 9.5 fl. oz.








Feeling lightweight? Somebody said it maybe made from plastic, but actually not! It is true glass! The glass cup is make of mouth-blown high borosilicate glass, it would be more lighter than the normal glass, but durable and stable.

Perfect for coffee, latte, cappuccino, cocoa, chocolate, but also great for brewing tea, kinds of beverage.

Appliances Safety

The cup is safe to use with other home appliances like , freezer and microwave.

Appreciated Gift

A sophisticated gift for a special person who loves all things glamorous! This set would make the perfect birthday, anniversary, housewarming, Christmas and holiday gift. Each glass is securely packaged for the set’s utmost safety and protection.


TOP OF THE LINE QUALITY- Made of thicker mouth-blown, lab-quality borosilicate glass, this double wall cappuccino coffee mugs is scratch resistant and more durable to stand the daily use – safe to heat in microwave or freeze in the fridge, giving a smooth finish and crystal-clean look without any rough or abnormal spots.
100% LEAD FREE- Unlike other crystal glassware which by definition must contains at least 20% lead, this double wall borosilicate glass expresso cups are 100% lead free, with the super chemistry stability: acid & alkali resistant, and anti-corrosion ability, it will provide you the most heathy drinking way all the time.
HUMANITY DESIGN- Thanks to the vacuum between the double wall borosilicate glass that doesn’t conduct heat, the interior coffee will keep hot longer while the exterior wall will stay cool for hand safe touch; Hot drinks will not burn your hands and cold drinks will not form condensation. No burn marks or wet rings will be left on your especially precious leather or wood table. The comfortable, wide opening and thick handle is easy to grasp and especially perfect for the sleepy or shaky hands.
INCREDIBLE VALUE :Set of Four Double Walled Insulated Glasses Coffee Mug.Each of glass mug holds 9.5ounces/280ML which is perfect for Latte Mug,Cappuccino Cups,coffee,tea,espresso mug or other hot cold beverages.Can be used for Whiskey glasses,Drinking glasses,Lungo, Macchiato,smoothie juice.They are 3 inches high so suit popular coffee machines.As ideal gifts ships in a beautiful designed printed box,especially on special occasions such as birthday,housewarming, wedding,parties, Mother’s Day.


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