Genuine Joe – GJO58550 Hot/Cold Foam Cups, 8 oz

$41.93 $31.52


Versatile foam cups feature a strong, one-piece construction that maintains beverages at their optimal temperature longer. That means these cups keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. This durable material keeps hands comfortable on the outside so these cups don’t require sleeves and double-cupping to drink your favorite beverage. That means you won’t have to keep sleeves available in your beverage center and can keep your cups stocked better. Space-saving Styrofoam also holds carbonation better than paper alternatives. Rinse and use the sturdy cups for your second and third cups of coffee or tea. Cups are disposable so you can enjoy easy cleanup. Lightweight nature allows easy transport and easy stocking of your beverage center or reception area.

Consistent temperature control for your favorite drinks
Versatile – use for your hot and cold drinks
Insulating material to keep hands comfortable – no sleeve required
Lightweight for easy stocking in your beverage center
Disposable for easy cleanup


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