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GINA is the first coffee instrument that was created with specialty coffee in mind. One instrument, three brewing methods. Award winning design and smart brewing.


gina red dotgina red dot

GINA is an award winning smart coffee instrument that turns coffee brewing into a special experience. With a precision valve to control the drip, an integrated precision scale and a dedicated brewing app, it enables you to brew coffee with pour over, immersion and cold drip methods. Oh, and it even makes tea!

manual, but smartmanual, but smart


The secret to GINA’s versatility is the precision valve. A smooth turn of a knob lets you adjust the drip speed and take control of the flow. Leave it open for pour over. Close it for immersion. Tune your cold drip. Or go wild and explore the possibilities of hybrid brewing.

Three brewing methods. One brewer.

gina pour over

gina pour over

gina cold drip

gina cold drip

gina immersion

gina immersion


The classic pour over method extracts clean and crisp flavors from the bean. For a light and flavor rich cup.


The immersion method extracts a stronger flavor and more body from the bean. For a stronger and richer cup.


Patience can give amazing results. Cold water, drop by drop. For the sweetest taste and a smooth body.

3 BREWING METHODS: Pour over coffee, cold drip / cold brew and french press immersion brewer
SMART BREWING: Control the flow of coffee drip with a precision valve and with the help of a GINA app that guides you through making the best cup of coffee ever
INTEGRATED COFFEE SCALE: Precision scale is integrated in the housing and connected to the GINA app
KICKSTARTER CROWDFUNDED and AWARD WINNING DESIGN: GINA Smart Coffee Instrument combines award winning design with flawless functionality that earned a Red Dot Product Design 2018 award.
WITH OR WITHOUT ELECTRONICS: We offer two version of GINA: with or without the integrated technology but with the same variety of brewing techniques.


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