HUNU Collapsible Coffee Cup – Reusable and Portable Pocket-sized Silicone Cup with Lid – Leakproof and BPA Free – Reusable Cup, Travel Mug or Camping Cup – 9 oz (Warm Grey)



Product Description

HUNU cup, reusable, sustainable coffee cup, travel mugHUNU cup, reusable, sustainable coffee cup, travel mug

(Yes, it actually fits in your pocket)

The Pocket Sized Cup

HUNU cups are different. They are different because we made them to always be with us. We needed something that actually fitted in our pocket (even those tight jeans). We needed something that was actually leakproof (to prevent drips ruining those tight jeans!). We needed it to be easy to clean, easily reused and to help us create less waste. So we made something that we loved. Pretty quickly we realized that other people loved it too. We hope you are one of them 🙂

Collapsible coffee cup, travel mug, reusable cupCollapsible coffee cup, travel mug, reusable cup

collapsible coffee cup, reusable cup

Light and easy to carry

The Perfect Sports Cup

HUNU is ideal for any sport where space and weight are important.

HUNU cup, collapsible cup, coffee, travel mug, togo cup

Need a cup on the go?

Great For Road-Trips and Travel

HUNU is easy, portable and ideal to take with you wherever you may be going.

sports cup, travel mug, workout cup, coffee cup, reusable, collapsible

Coffee after a workout?

Even Fits In Athletic Pockets

If you need a cup that fits in your workout gear HUNU is for you!

adventure mug, camping, travel cup, sports cup, reusable, collapsible

Lightweight and durable

Perfect For Camping

Hiking, camping or just a day in the park? Your HUNU cup is portable, easy and lightweight.

adventure mug, camping, travel cup, sports cup, reusable, collapsible

Perfect for the city

Coffee On The Go?

Your HUNU cup means you don’t have to use those wasteful disposable cups on your daily coffee outing


Road Trips




HUNU cup vs the alternatives

Collapsible cup, reusable, coffee cup, togo cup, sustainable

Cheap Silicone Cups

Collapsible cup, reusable, coffee cup, togo cup, sustainable

Travel Mugs

Collapsible cup, reusable, coffee cup, togo cup, sustainable

Disposable Cups



Fits in your pocket

Easy to clean


Certified non-toxic


We made our first HUNU cup because we just couldn’t find anything like it. We noticed how much trash we contributed to and wanted to make a change. But all the cups we found were just too big and bulky to be a practical solution. So we made HUNU!


We looked at many different materials when designing HUNU. From metals to glass to plant fibres and eventually settled on silicone as it is incredibly safe and durable and will last many many years of use! The lid is made of bamboo fibre and resin.


It really does! it folds down to a 2cm disk – about the thickness of your wallet. Unlike many collapsible cups out there, HUNU was designed to be as convenient as possible. A reusable cup isn’t very useful if it’s too bulky to carry around with you.


Unlike cheap alternatives HUNU cups are made from certified safe, high quality, food-grade materials. They are also ultra compact and have a heat band and leakproof lid. We think you will notice the difference 🙂

About the Startup

Vince and MeganVince and Megan

Megan and Vince


Describe your products in 3 words.

Convenient, Stylish, Sustainable

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

After finding out that over 165million single use cups end up in landfill every day, we went looking for a reusable alternative. We found a lot of cups but we really couldn’t find one that was convenient and easy to carry around with us all day, every day meaning when we needed a cup it wouldn’t be with us. We wanted a cup that helped us to produce less waste but without having it being an inconvenience in our lives. So we made one!

What makes your product special?

The HUNU cup is the first truly convenient reusable cup. It folds down small enough to fit into even the tightest pockets meaning it’s always with you when you need it. Using durable food grade silicone for the cup and bamboo fibre for the lid, the cup has a heat band to prevent burnt fingers from hot drinks and a built in plug to make it leak proof when folded down. We spent a lot of time looking at every little detail to make it both as practical and convenient as possible without sacrificing the look and feel. It’s easy to use, easy to carry and easy to clean!

What has been the best part of your experience?

It’s been an amazing experience taking something that was just an idea in our head, turning it into something real and then hearing how much people love it. We still get such a thrill seeing someone walking around with one of our cups and knowing that every time they use it, it’s one less disposable cup being thrown away!

COLLAPSIBLE COFFEE CUP – The HUNU cup is a 9 oz coffee cup that folds down to just 2cm/0.75inch. It is ultra-compact and small enough for any pocket or bag. With a built in drinking lid It can be used for coffee, tea, wine or just about anything you might need a cup for!
ULTRA PORTABLE, LEAK PROOF TRAVEL MUG – Once folded down and plugged closed, the HUNU cup is fully leak proof meaning no more leftover coffee in your pocket or bag. The collapsible cup design is ideal for the outdoors as a backpacking cup or for anyone looking for a high quality reusable cups with a lid.
FOOD GRADE CERTIFIED BPA FREE – Our cups are free of BPAs, toxins and all sorts of other nasty chemicals. They meet the highest world standards for food safety and unlike cheaper plastic cups our high grade silicone won’t leech anything into your drinks.
DESIGNED TO FIT INTO YOUR LIFESTYLE – From a quick trip to the coffee shop to a run around the city or a long cycle, from running through the airport to an off-grid backpacking trip, the HUNU cup is compact enough to be with you whenever you need it. Use your HUNU for your morning coffee, as a camping cup or even for wine in the park! No more single use coffee cups!
SUSTAINABLE AND DURABLE – HUNU is a reusable cup that is made to be used over and over again. Using incredibly durable food grade silicone it can withstand the microwave, the dishwasher and the freezer. It fits perfectly into a zero waste lifestyle and makes it easy to be sustainable.


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