Intelligentsia House Blend, 12 oz – Ground Coffee



Intelligentsia Single origin coffees are sourced from some of the most celebrated, family-owned farms and smallholder co-ops and estates from around the world. Through our coffee bars, roasting works, and training labs, we now make our home in six quintessential American cities, each possessing distinctive characteristics that resonate within the Intelligentsia brand. In an effort to underscore the specific flavor notes of a single growing region, process, or varietal, we seek out these distinct coffees to showcase the purest expression of unique taste and Unrivaled quality.

FLAVOR PROFILE – Mandarin, lemon, milk chocolate and apple are some of the tastes we love in coffees from this part of the world, and are presented in our House Blend with high definition clarity.
WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT – We didn’t adopt Direct Trade practices because it’s a trendy way to do business; we introduced the concept to the coffee industry. Our commitment to Direct Trade allows us to cut out unnecessary importers and exporters, and enables us to truly partner with our growers. We meticulously collect data, insights, and best practices from all of our growing partners and share them to improve overall quality.
OUR PROMISE – We know you take your coffee seriously and you order from us because you like the best cup of coffee you can get, so if there is ever a point where you are unsatisfied, please reach out to us! We want to make sure you are getting the freshness and quality you deserve


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