Mugaholics Large Coffee Mugs With Handle – 21 Ounce Ceramic Jumbo Coffee Mug – Large Mug Set for Coffee, Soup, Tea, Cereal, Ice Cream – White Coffee Mugs Set of 4, White



Product Description

mugaholics coffee mug

mugaholics coffee mug

About Mugaholics

Mugaholics focuses on making a high-quality lifestyle that is close to everyone’s life. Different choices are provided according to your gifts and occasions and you no longer have to worry about giving gifts.
Providing an unforgettable shopping experience and excellent service for each customer is our unremitting goal. Mugaholics is a good choice for you.
If anything goes wrong with our product, please kindly let us know and Mugaholics will try our best to solve it.

Mugaholics White Coffee Mugs Set of 4

large coffee mugs

large coffee mugs

Ceramic Coffee Mug, 21oz White Jumbo Mug

This big coffee mug can hold 21oz without filling to the very top. This Mugaholics jumbo mug set has a classic white color, right weight, premium feel, and comfortable handle.

white coffee mugs

white coffee mugs

High-quality Jumbo Ceramic Mug

✔ Healthy material

✔ Each set come with 4 white coffee mugs

✔ Large jumbo coffee mugs of 21oz

✔ This coffee mug set is available for microwave, dishwasher, oven, freezer

✔ Can hold cold and hot items

Jumbo coffee mug

Jumbo coffee mug

Multiple-use Coffee Mugs

These coffee mugs are great for making cappuccino or lattes, with plenty of room for foam.
These white mugs a little on the big side for teas but good enough for soups, porridge, breakfast cereals, fruit salads, stews, oatmeal, ice cream, and all kind of drinks you like.
The big coffee mug with a large capacity with great shape will meet all your need for serving different kinds of foods and drinks.

large coffee mugs

large coffee mugs

Decorate Your Life

The coffee mug set offers an elegant design, glazed gloss, that goes nice with matches any tableware and decor style. The jumbo mug set makes it great for office, home, and restaurant.
The shape and capacity of that large coffee mug set also have black, turquoise colors. It also the perfect gift idea for your family, friends which will bring a healthy and colorful life to them.

[MULTIFUNCTIONAL LARGE MUG SET] Do you want a more convenient way to serve all sorts of drinks to your loved ones? This ceramic coffee mug set goes great with coffee, tea, latte, cappuccino, ice cream, and whatever you would like. These jumbo coffee mugs also can be used as a soup mug, cereal mug. These white coffee mugs are the perfect way to eat and a wonderful multi-purpose addition to your kitchen.
[HEALTHY MATERIAL] The material of the coffee mug set is LEAD-FREE and NON-TOXIC. These white mugs measure 3.3”(H) x 4.7”(W), set of 4, 21oz capacity. The Mugaholics logo is located at the bottom of these large latte mugs. You can use the ceramic mug for a casual party, family gathering, housewarming gifts, office, etc. White color inside for visibility.
[PRACTICABLE WHITE MUG SET] Form follows function in good design and these white coffee mugs are not only practical and sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing to look at. The jumbo coffee mug great for a hot cup of soup without having to worry about spilling. The size of white jumbo mugs is perfect to fit under cappuccino and latte machine.
[COFFEE MUGS WITH HANDLE] The coffee mug meets your need for a large, warm cup of favorite drinks. These soup mugs with handles that are comfortable with big or small fingers. The jumbo mug set goes well in the microwave, oven, freezer safe. They wash up great in the dishwasher too.
[SAFE PACKAGE] Mugaholics pay lots of attention to designing the package to ensure that the ceramic mug set is in good condition after customers receive these mugs. Mugaholics also comes with a comprehensive after-sales service. If anything goes wrong with these large ceramic coffee mugs, please kindly let us know.


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