Musang King Durian White Coffee (30g x 10 sachets)



The Musang King Durian White Coffee is the perfect combination of fragrant durian scent and aromatic coffee, which allows you to experience a whole new taste of new generation instant coffee! Our Musang King Durian Coffee brings to you a brand new way of enjoying durian! Infused with only the finest grade of Musang King Durian. Enjoy the aroma of coffee together with the King of Fruits today! SERVING TIP Coffee is best enjoyed at 185’F (85’C) according to coffee experts (baristas). It brings out the lovely aroma and unique taste of the coffee, letting you savor a symphony of different flavors in a cup. Enjoy! DIRECTIONS: Add 1 packet (30g) Instant Durian White Coffee Mix into a cup. Add 6fl oz (180mL) hot water (185’F/85’C). Stir to dissolve and enjoy.


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