NutiCafe 3 in1 Vietnamese Premium Instant Coffee Mix (2-pack)



The BEST Selling Vietnamese Instant Coffee is now available in the United States. Coffee Cream Sugar all in one packet. Perfect for people on the go! . Our packets are 24 grams (not the usual 16, 18 or 20!) Inspired by the desire to bring Vietnamese culinary culture to the world. Add hot water to bring out the smoothness of premium coffees paired with the creaminess and sweetness with dairy milk! Vietnamese coffee has been voted by Bloomberg as one of the greatest drinks through- out the world, along with other remarkable dishes such as Pho, Banh Mi, Bun Cha, etc. Inspired by the desire to “Bring Vietnamese culinary culture to the world”, NutiFood has successfully packed and launched NUTICAFÉ Instant 3 in 1 Coffee Mix. When being brewed, Nuticafé’s natural aroma explodes with the slight caramel bitterness of coffee blended with the creaminess and sweetness of milk. VIETNAMESE CUISINE AND CÀ PHÊ SỮA ĐÁ VIỆT NAM NUTICAFÉ VĂN HÓA ẨM THỰC VIỆT NAM TRONG LY CÀ PHÊ SỮA ĐÁ TƯƠI NUTICAFÉ Vietnam is a country with a strong and unique coffee culture that is an integral part of daily life, and you won’t have to walk far in Hanoi or Ho Chi Min City (or Saigon as the locals still call it) to find a coffee shop filled with friendly locals enjoying a cup. If you visit the country, there are two things you have to try before you leave. One is the now world-famous phở, the delicious bowl of beef noodle soup that is practically the national dish. The second, of course, is Vietnamese coffee, called cà phê in Vietnamese.

NutiCafe utilizes ‘Ice Flash’ technology with freshly-roasted, micro-ground coffee, creating a smooth, creamy, amazing tasting coffee that can be savored both HOT or Cold!
Most people will be aware that Vietnam is a major coffee producer, but some might be surprised to learn that it is the world’s second-largest exporter of beans, with only Brazil exporting more. The French may have introduced coffee to their former colony, but the Vietnamese took it and turned it into something of their own.
NutiCafe coffee mix is made with actual DAIRY CREAMER, not something that merely tastes like cream. NutiCafe’s easy-to-use packets have a whopping 24 grams of instant coffee, as opposed to the 16 g, or 20 grams found in most other Vietnamese Instant Coffees!
With NUTICAFÉ , Vietnamese food lovers around the world now can easily enjoy a cup of truly Vietnamese-styled hot or iced coffee.


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