Partners Coffee, Coffee Bedford Blend Espresso, 12 Ounce



A vibrant espresso with a syrupy body and orange blossom sweetness, try this complex blend alone or in a cortado. We use this coffee on bar in our Brooklyn Roastery & Cafe. Partners Info Bedford is currently a 50/50 blend of two of our longest-standing source relationships. In the town of San Antonio you’ll meet a lot of folks surnamed “Pillimue” or “Oidor”. Husband and wife Antonio Pillimué and Maria Rosa Oidor make their home here, as do their four children, and many more of their extended families. The couple each operate their own farms, as well as run a general store (selling sundries and agricultural supplies) from which they originally made the money to purchase their first three hectares. They are also key local members of the nearby Inza-based growers’ association ASORCAFE, operating a small warehouse and a collection point to which the town’s producers deliver their parchment coffee. Not just the source of a key component to Bedford (since 2016), we purchase many individual- and farm-specific coffees from various Pillimues and Oidors each year. Most recently, the 2018 Los Primos was a combination of the work of cousins Anibal and Alonso Pillimue. Suke Quto is our oldest continuous relationship, having been present in Bedford since its earliest days and also a repeated favorite on our single origin menu. The name for this Guji-based operation represents three distinct facets: the washing station (where the coffee from hundreds of neighboring producers is processed), owner Tesfaye Bekele’s personal farm, and also the plant nursery which provides seedlings of Welicho & Kurume cultivars to local farmers.

SUSTAINABILITY: We recognize our responsibility to help build a sustainable supply chain that ensures access to specialty grade coffee, allowing our growing partners the financial security to improve upon their quality of life year after year.
FRESH BEANS ROASTED TO ORDER: Our innovative coffee bags ensure maximum freshness with our one way degassing valve.
PARTNERS COFFEE: We are built on the strength of our relationships at origin. We source coffee from all over the world from people we know and trust.
ROASTING FOOTPRINT: We endeavor to reuse, repurpose, and recycle all collateral material associated with roasting, packaging, and delivering our products, and we avoid one-time use consumables wherever possible.


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