Peet’s Coffee So Ethiopia Ground Coffee, 10.5 Oz Bag, 10.5 Oz



So Ethiopia ground coffee, 10.5 Ounce bag

Obsessed with fresh: from the beginning, Peet’s Coffee has roasted the best coffee beans we can find with quality in mind. We also care for the communities that grow & harvest those beans, because coffee is better when it is grown & sourced responsibility.
Brew like the best: brewing the best cup of coffee starts with finding your favorite roast or blend. Whole beans or ground coffee, dark, medium or light, single origin or a blend? Try a variety & find the best brew for the morning mug or afternoon pickup.
Light, medium & Dark Roast: brew a pot of Peet’s ground or whole bean coffee in a blend & roast perfect for your tastes. Light roast coffees are mild & smooth, medium roast coffees are smooth & aromatic, while dark roast coffees are smoky & Full bodied.


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