Personalized Chalkboard Ceramic Coffee Mug – Start Each Day with a New Message (Chalk Included)



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Paladone, gifts, gadgets, mugs, toys, keychainsPaladone, gifts, gadgets, mugs, toys, keychains

Paladone, mug, personalizePaladone, mug, personalize

Send a morning love letter!

This is the ultimate customizable mug. Leave a loving note every morning for your significant other to make them feel loved and special. A great way to pass on love. Sipping from the same mug every morning becomes very boring and repetitive. With this customizable chalkboard ceramic mug, you can create a new mug. Write a funny note or draw a picture for a different mug every morning!

Paladone, personalize, mugPaladone, personalize, mug

Set a reminder!

This customizable chalkboard ceramic mug is perfect for leaving reminders the night before so you remember what to do the next day! It is also great entertainment while you are drinking your mug by doodling your favorite pictures on the mug.

Paladone, gifts, gadgets, keychains, mugs, toysPaladone, gifts, gadgets, keychains, mugs, toys

PERSONALIZE: The Chalkboard Mug makes for a fun way to personalize your drink. Coming with chalk you are able to doodle, scribe, and mark the mug however you like for the day.
ANYWHERE: Take this mug to the local coffee shop and let the barista customize your drink order in a way that brings out both fun for them and excitement for you as you wait to see their masterpiece.
MEMORABLE: Perfect for those who appreciate a good hot cup of liquid, mug collectors, or for someone who loves to doodle and draw. This mug will become their favorite canvas.
GET CREATIVE: Perfect for leaving important reminders, for labeling your drink for the day, for marking your beverage with your name or leaving a note for someone special.
SPECIFICATION: This Chalkboard Mug made with high quality ceramic and is not suitable for dishwasher use as well as not suitable for microwave use. Chalk Stick Included.


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