Rio Grande Roasters Pinon 3 Lb. Bag Whole Bean Coffee



Over 65 years of Coffee Sourcing and Roasting Experience
Celebrating the Spirit of the West Rio Grande Roasters started with an attitude. A “roll up your sleeves, get the job done” passion and determination for creating coffee that honors the rugged independence of the American West.
Sturdy brews that help you tackle whatever lies ahead, and consistent quality that never lets you down.
Creating a unique coffee experience with rich flavors of the American West. A blend of the best Arabica coffee and pinon nuts
Rio Grande Pinion Coffee – Medium roast whole bean coffee is made with high quality 100% Arabica beans, expertly roasted and immediately packed for freshness. Each brew leaves you with a subtle smooth taste of the fine roasted nuts and the nutty pinon.
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Traditionally packed bagged coffee beans with consistently smooth coffee each time. Never bitter!
SOUTHWESTERN CLASSIC COFFEE: Flavored with carefully roasted pinon nuts, our coffee makes a great partner from sunrise to sundown
FRESHLY ROASTED COFFEE BEANS: Medium roasted in small batches with a bold southern flare to preserve the complex flavors and aroma
RIO GRANDE ROASTERS: A premier name in speciality coffee, having over 35 years of experience in coffee sourcing and roasting


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