Stainless Steel Double Walled Mugs: 100% BPA Free,15 oz Metal Coffee & Tea Cup Mug – Insulated Cups with Handles Keep Drinks Hot or Cold Longer – Durable for Camping – Set of 2 Shatter Proof Mugs



Product Description


At Real Deal Steel, it’s in the name — WE ARE THE REAL DEAL!

We hang tough in the face of competitors that try to mimic our products with slipshod designs and shabby materials. We vow to only use the highest quality, food grade 18/8 stainless steel in all of our products. Our designs are OUR designs … accept no substitutes. Thanks for keeping it real with us.

Coffee Mug SteelCoffee Mug Steel

Your All Day, Every Day Mug

From the time you rollover to reach for your water in the morning to the time you relax and sip your tea at night, the original Real Deal Steel 15 oz mug is your friend and sidekick, accompanying you throughout your day.

The lightweight, yet indestructible double wall design is perfect for all beverages and all situations. Fill with your coffee each morning for some precious extra minutes of heat. Pour your favorite drink over ice after a long day’s work and retain the cold for longer. At night, steep some tea and get your relaxation on.

Steel Coffee CupsSteel Coffee Cups



We don’t cut corners in our weld. Machine perimeter welding uses the same 18/8 steel as the mug itself. Wrench on it, step on it, hit it with a baseball bat. It won’t budge like the others.


Other stainless steel drinkware companies get lazy when it comes to interior polishing. Our mugs clean easily and will never will never carry bacteria or odor because we go the extra mile with mirrored polishing instead of brushed.


Bulge mugs are bulky with less capacity. Imitators trying to replicate Real Deal Steel don’t splurge for for the extra few ounces. Enjoy your beverage out of a full 15 oz mug.

You will love your Real Deal Steel Classic coffee mug, and we will love having you as a customer. Thanks for keeping it REAL with us!


PERIMETER WELDED ROUND HANDLE: The smooth, easy to grip stainless steel handle is perimeter welded onto the cup for extra strength instead of being epoxied, screwed or dab welded like similar mugs; it will not break off during drinking or while it is being washed like flat handles.
HIGH QUALITY STEEL: Drink your favorite coffee or tea from our shatterproof, yet lightweight 304 18/8 stainless steel mug; the food-safe steel does not rust or tarnish over time.
DOUBLE WALL INSULATION: Sip and savor your hot or cold drink longer courtesy of our cup’s double wall construction; it maintains your beverage’s temperature and also prevents condensation.
SET OF 2: Our cups have a generous total capacity of 15 Oz. They are ideal for enjoying your daily brew or tea time at home or the office; the travel friendly cup is also perfect as a camping mug.
100% GUARANTEE: We make sure Real Deal Steel stainless steel mugs really are the real deal; we thoroughly inspect the mugs along with their handles from top to bottom to give you a superior product.


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