Stainless Steel Wine, Coffee Tumbler with Lid 12 oz (Rosé Pink)



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Tumbler Header 12 ozTumbler Header 12 oz

With the same commitment in mind that is to provide our customers all across the globe with the finest quality kitchen accessories to accompany you through every day without sacrificing style and comfort, Kitchables has decided to expand its line of product offering.

If you hardly have time to spend at your coffee bar or your living room for some quiet tea time because of demands outside home, why not take that brewed coffee or fruit and yogurt smoothie out with you wherever you may need to go? You don’t have to shell out too much cash every time you crave for some sweet beverage when you have your own homemade drink in hand.

As part of our most recent initiatives to ease through introducing new items from our collection, our 12oz double-walled all-around wine tumblers have been created because we only want the best experience for you!

We hope that you find joy in every sip on our tumblers as much as we have found fulfillment in designing and constructing them for you.

Tumbler Stainless Steel Blue 12Tumbler Stainless Steel Blue 12

The last Tumbler you’ll ever need

At Kitchables, we make it our mission to offer only the highest standard kitchen products to serve their purpose for a lifetime so that we want to make sure that when you purchase our wine tumbler, you won’t find yourself needing to buy another one.

This newest product offering only by Kitchables takes on a design that is both appealing and ageless. Our wine tumbler can stand out in terms of form and set itself apart from any other tumbler in terms of function.

Tumbler pink Stainless Steel 12Tumbler pink Stainless Steel 12

A design perfected just for you and your fast-paced day-to-day life

Our wine tumbler is everything you’ve been looking for in an on-the-go beverage container!

You never have to worry about breaking it should you unintentionally knock it over owing to its shatterproof nature. Neither do you have to worry about spilling liquid on the computer which you are working on owing to the fool-proof seal of our tumbler – plus, it has easy-grasp sides which comfortably prevents it from sliding off your hands! Our double-walled wine tumblers with vacuum insulation as well promises much less to zero condensation. No sweating from your tumbler means no moisture trickling down your cup over to your work surface!

While all these make the Kitchables wine tumbler a dream come true for the busy person who’s always in a hurry amid the hustle and bustle of work and play, it can also very well be enjoyed by the more calm souls who prefer to lounge around the picnic grounds.

tumbler white strawtumbler white straw

Made of material to last

Our wine tumblers are made out of excellent grade stainless steel that will make you ditch disposable plastic or paper cups for good.

tumbler diagramtumbler diagram

The tumbler that stores at the ideal temperature

Let not the name of our wine tumblers limit how they are used! They work beyond keeping your favorite spirits and cocktails chilled hours over hours!

tumbler bluetumbler blue

Collect all colors!

Taking your warm brew or your iced fresh fruit juice on-the-go – while on early commute to work or book in hand at the park – has never been this fun and convenient!

LASTING, SHATTERPROOF STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL FOR YOUR ON-THE-GO LIFESTYLE: Take your wine tumbler to your favorite outdoor adventures! Reward yourself with some iced drink after a fun hike and quench your thirst as you hang about looking over a nice view from a lush hill. Or take a number of our wine tumblers to share with friends at a quiet picnic or camping getaway.
PERFECTLY DESIGNED WITH SWEAT-FREE, DOUBLE-WALLED VACUUM INSULATION: Would you prefer your beverage ice-cold or warm? Keep your drink exactly how chilled or how hot you’d like it to be! You no longer have to worry over the coolness or the warmth of your go-to drink dwindling several hours after pouring it in our tumblers. Enjoy all 12oz of chilled cocktail or iced water, or hot chocolate smoothie just as they are supposed to be even after long hours – and without sweating!
PERMANENT AND REUSABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY WINE TUMBLERS: Help conserve the environment; get rid of plastic and paper cups altogether and let our wine tumblers save the day! Plus, these sturdy, unbreakable all-around portable tumblers provide much more comfortable usage.
WITH SPILL-RESISTANT AND ERGONOMIC LID AND NON-SLIP EASY-GRIP SIDES: Our wine tumblers conveniently come with easy-to-use lids. You won’t find yourself frantically fretting over opening or closing their covers – a quick snap of a finger will do the trick!
AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF STRIKING COLORS TO SUIT YOUR TASTE AND PERSONALITY: Take your pick – white, black, pink or blue or choose to collect all 4! Don’t forget to share with family and friends the fun and convenience of travelling with a nice drink, hot or cold, in hand!


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