SUPANG Heat resistant creative double layer heart cup clear glass milk cup tea cup coffee cup , Unique & Insulated with Handle (180ml)



For the reason why you can’t refuse:

Easy to wash and keep clean. Glazed bright, delicate, easy to wash after use.

With the characteristics of resistance to cold, can withstand instant temperature difference

Does not contain any harmful substances to the human body. Transparency of up to 95%,
crystal transparent, with high ornamental.

Good thermal stability, slow heat transfer. The performance with quick thermal quench
undergo certain difference is not easy to crack.

Chemically stable, durable. With some carbonate acid and alkali, salt erosion and
air capacity of gas, no rust aging

Product description

Product Name:Heart cup
Material: high boron silicon glass
Capacity: 180ml / 240ml
Craft: handmade glass
Heat resistance: -20℃~180℃

At the bottom of the hole is the exhaust hole left the production time, please don’t
misunderstand is a product defect ohGlass cup is Non-toxic, Easy clean. For the
safety of users, design A small spot on the bottom of cup. it’s not vaccum
between the 2 layer of mug. To prevent glass pieces blow up and do damage to
human when break, our new design mug leave air inside. Don’t scrub the sealed
air hole strongly in washing.


A. Avoid microwave or oven, because of the air inside as mentioned above.
B. We do not suggest dishwasher, please consider hand washing in flowing water.

after-sale service:
after receiving the product, if you are not 100% satisfied and worry about quality,
please contact us, I must to solve, we have a money back guarantee and first-class customer service.
I believe that the interests of the customer is the first bit.So, we will protect your interests.

full transparent glass material, with meticulous manual technology, so that the teacup always inadvertently reveal the glory of the people.
the glass can be heated without cracking, but also from the refrigerator, immediately into the boiling water, with a beautiful, practical, convenient.
Made with High-borosilicate Green Glass and Good texture, Our double layer heart cup created with high quality borosilicate green glass which helps to keep the glass save from any kind of thermal shock. The double layer cup made with good texture and the crystal-clear view make them Attractive.
unique creative shape, strong permeability, cup mouth smooth, cup bottom smooth, grip comfortable, beautiful fashion, strong visual impact! Enjoy the feeling of passion!
Easy to Clean and Durable, Shatterproof, scratch resistant


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