Wagan EL6100 12V Stainless Steel 16 oz Heated Travel Mug with Anti-Spill Lid, 1 Pack

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Wagon 12V stainless steel Heated travel mug is perfect for keeping your beverages warm while you are on the go. Keeps coffee, milk, tea or any beverage warm during your morning commute Joe, late night driving or any road trip. Features a 16 ounce capacity and a Detachable 12 Volt power cord. Simply fill the travel mug with coffee, milk, tea and plug the cord into your vehicles 12 Volt outlet to heat up your beverage of choice. Easy to take along as you travel in car, SUV, RV, boat or truck. The mug features a double walled stainless steel construction, heat resistant ergonomic plastic handle, close-able and spill resistant lid with gasket, non-skid base, removable power cord, and a tapered body designed to fit in most cup holders. Its heating coil is safely contained in base. No mineral or beverage residue can build on the coil. Power is 24 watts.

The BPA free, Stainless Steel, double walled Construction ensures your drink stays hot and tastes just as good as the minute it was poured in
Heats cold beverages to about 145 degree F in less than 30 minutes
Maintains temperature up to 2 hours after the mug is unplugged from the vehicle
Heat resistant ergonomic plastic handle, and close-able and spill resistant lid with gasket
Anti-slip base can keep the mug stay stably in the moving vehicles, it fits all standard vehicle cup holders plus 12 volt 4 ft. Power cord is detachable


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